PART 2 : Articles This Week - HYPNOSIS FOR BEAUTY




Do you believe in the “mind-body” connection? Scientists have proved, without question, that it is real. By subtly transforming the character of your emotional tone your complexion will transform in lovely, youthful, ways.
Self-hypnosis can give your complexion a luster, your smile a radiance, and your eyes a sparkle, even better than cosmetics and beauty products.

Restore Your Beauty From The Inside Out....

At early age, we begin our lives with a soft, smooth and beautiful skin, but not many of us can manage to maintain a finely textured skin by the time we reach thirty. Its part of the natural aging process, and also, most of us take our skin for granted. Our skin can get tired if not looked after properly, and like any other living cell or organ, really does respond to tender care.

Hypnotherapy is well known to help with many issues such as nervousness, depression, anxiety, weight issues, confidence issues and addictions such as smoking and alcoholism. Since the 50's, the field of hypnotherapy has massively expanded its traditional basic applications, and now the latest trend seems to be hypnotic beauty sessions.
Beauty hypnosis is truly a blend of art and science, requiring a spirit of adventure and the desire to look good. All of these are present in you!

Hypnosis offers a very effective tool to beautify one without the need for an expensive procedure that caries any kind of risk. Hypnosis is extremely effective for relaxing both the body and the mind. A good therapist can direct a subjects' attention to relax various muscles anywhere in the body. The therapist only needs to direct a subject to relax the muscles in the face, and the results are very similar to a face-lift operation – a relaxation of the facial muscles, which leads to a smoothening of the lines and wrinkles in the face – the muscles in the face then become more and more accustomed to relaxing, leading to a permanent smoothness of the face.

Many other procedures sometimes have side effects. Hypnotherapy does not. In fact hypnotherapy patients usually wake up feeling more relaxed and happier than usual, which can aid a natural healthy sparkle and glow.


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